Getting Started: default website

Default Sitograph Website

Default website structure is presented in table below (database table TABLE_STRUCTURE).

URL Template Access Description
/ index.tpl everyone Homepage
/example-page/ custom/main.tpl everyone Simple text page
/sitograph/getting-started/ custom/main-sideblock.tpl everyone Getting Started with Sitograph
/sitograph/file-structure/ custom/main-sideblock.tpl everyone Sitograph File structure
/sitograph/modules/ custom/main-modules.tpl everyone Sitograph modules
/sitograph/API/ custom/main-sideblock.tpl everyone Website public API
/blog/* custom/main-blog.tpl everyone Blog section: articles list, search, article details page
/gallery/* custom/main-gallery.tpl everyone Gallery section: albums list, search, album photops page
/contacts/ custom/main-feedback.tpl everyone Form feedback for users
/search/ custom/site-search.tpl everyone Results page for text search
/sitemap/ custom/sitemap.tpl everyone Public sitemap and content index
/404/ custom/404.tpl everyone Error 404 page
/signup/ custom/user-signup.tpleveryone Form Registration for new users.
* Note. registration is disabled by default
/login/ custom/user-login.tpl everyone Form login for users
/password-reset/ custom/user-password-reset.tpl everyone Password reset form for users
/settings/ custom/user-settings.tpl users Form for editing personal settings for registered user
/user/ custom/user.tpl users Registered user homepage
/admin/ custom/sitograph.tpl administrators CMS Homepage
/admin/login/ custom/sitograph-login.tpl everyone Login form for CMS

Website Navigation Menu

Navigation Menu is stored in table TABLE_MENU.

Menu items are grouped by Menu ID.

In case if Parent ID is specified, menu items will be displayed as dropdown menu.

Menu ID URL Name Order ID Parent ID
top / Homepage 1 0
top /example-page/ Example page 2 0
top # Sitograph 3 0
top /sitograph/getting-started/ Getting Started 5 8
top /sitograph/file-structure/ Sitograph File structure 10 8
top /sitograph/modules/ Sitograph Modules 15 8
top /sitograph/API/ Website public API 20 8
top /blog/ Blog 5 0
top /gallery/ Gallery 10 0
nouser /signup/ Sing Up 1 0
nouser /login/ Log In 2 0
user /user/ My Account 1 0
user /settings/ My settings 2 0
user /?logout Logout 100 0

Website Settings

Settings are stored in table TABLE_SETTINGS.

Changing settings will have a global effect on the website. Consider before changing something.

Name Description Value
theme_css_path Path to a CSS file included globally /content/css/default.css
theme_js_path Path to a JS file included globally /content/js/default.js
include_html_head This HTML code is included to all pages, above <body> tag
theme_use_bootstrap Include Bootstrap library globally, values 0/1
*Note. Disabling of Bootstrap breaks out the layout of Admin UI
theme_use_jquery Include jQuery library globally, values 0/1
* Note. Disabling of jQuery breaks out the layout of Admin UI
message_ok Text for a success message displayed over website
message_error Text for a error message displayed over website
* Note. Enabling error message will prevent all website forms from submitting.
email_from Email used in sent-by header
email_fromname Name used in sent-by header Sitograph
admin_email Public Administrator e-mail
support_email Public Support e-mail
users_registration_email Trigger to enable emails to be sent to each registered user, values 0/1 1
users_registration_email_notify Trigger to enable emails nitofication to be sent to admin_email, values 0/1 1
users_registration_allow Enables Sign Up form for new registrations 0
theme_active Name of an active theme theme-default
theme_bg Global background image URL used in design /content/images/bg_full.jpg
theme_cms_favicon Icon near homepage URL in admin UI /content/images/sitograph/cms_favicon.gif
theme_logo Global logo image URL used in design /content/images/sitograph/sitograph-logo-dark-en.png
theme_copyright_text Global text displayed in footer 2016-2017 <a href='' target='_blank'>Sitograph</a>