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Sitograph is open source website creation tool that enables you to build websites and efficient online applications.

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Flexible customization


Sitograph CMS is a modular system and can be adapted to match 100% of your needs.

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Sitograph CMS features

  • Edit documents, photos, videos, etc.
  • Adaptive web design
  • Email Marketing
  • Multi-language support
  • Configurable JSON API
  • User management and real-time analytics




Sitograph CMS

Sitograph CMS v.1.1 released

Sitograph CMS v.1.1 released Sitograph CMS v.1.1 released

Continuous Deployment Pipeline of the Sitograph CMS

Continuous Deployment Pipeline of the Sitograph CMS

The Sitograph CMS was created to support and maintain huge Web applications. Open Source Repository makes updating process as easy as possible. Developers have a full set of highly customizable tools for website management and database configuration.

Sitograph Dev Team
Lead Architect

From one side The Sitograph CMS makes it easy to support and manage website content. From the other hand in just two clicks you can add a new feature to your website and significantly extend functionality!

Sitograph Support
Release Manager

Sitograph is the perfectly flexible tool that suits any type of Internet Application. Rich catalog of extensions together with automated deployment pipeline makes it the best choice for both developers and business owners.